Finance & Compliance Manager
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Posted 2 years ago
What makes this company unique and exciting?
This is an awesome opportunity to build the foundation of the firm and the finance team with the early team at Seven Seven Six, including Alexis Ohanian and Katelin Holloway.

Finance & Compliance Manager


Seven Seven Six is ready to invite our first finance employee into the firm! This is a lead position that comes with a high level of responsibility and autonomy. As the first finance hire to the team, this is an incredible opportunity to establish the finance and compliance functions in collaboration with our fund administration team, legal teams, and other external partners. While the ideal candidate will be able to recruit and build an in-house team over time, the role today is very much hands-on and in the weeds of the work. We have built a lot since we launched this last year and are excited about growing the firm’s operations to help us build into this next chapter.


Job Expectations

Your job every morning when you wake up is to manage the firm’s financial operations soup-to-nuts to ensure that the partnership can focus on best supporting our founders. It starts and stops with our founders. 

As for you, finance is your passion. It’s not a career concession or a job you took to make your parents happy. You dream in numbers and you know your work is critical to the success of any company. You chose finance and finance chose you.


This job IS:

✅ All numbers, all the time. Compliance is cool, too.

✅ Obsessing over spreadsheets, invoices, investment details, taxes, capital calls, balancing budgets, forecasting, distribution notices, and the latest compliance protocols.

✅ Managing every detail and dynamic of our relationships with our external firm operations partners. Workflows to call-backs to term sheets — you know just the right person to tag in and how to ensure they’re set up for success. You know how to hold both yourself and our partners accountable to producing high-quality work on deadline and on (under?!) budget.

✅ Crossing every “t” and dotting every “i”. No one is better at triple-checking details than you!

✅ An incredible opportunity to work at a firm that understands our industry is changing very quickly and wants to play a key role in shaping the future of venture capital.


This job is NOT:

❌ Deal sourcing. We’ve been fortunate enough to have more dealflow than we can manage. We need you focused 100% on keeping our firm’s finances tight and ready to spring into action when a hot deal is on the table.

❌ Politics or ass-kissing. High impact team members don’t have time to play games and prefer to let their results and behaviors speak for themselves.

❌ A stepping stone to an investing position at the firm. We seek someone for whom this exact role is their dream job. The role will naturally expand with our collective success as a firm, with limitless new responsibilities and opportunities within the finance realm. We want to find the person that has found their path and absolutely loves what they do.

❌ Building out an internal fund administration team. We’re a small team and prefer to keep it that way as long as we’re able.


Table Stakes:

  • First off, you’re here to win. Do not apply for this job if you’re not prepared to be challenged to be your best. We have high expectations of ourselves and of our team members. We commit to helping you achieve your best work in a supportive, growth-oriented environment. This works best if you show up genuinely eager for this journey together.


  • This role, like all roles at the firm, will have a good deal of autonomy. We’re a remote-first team and have designed our culture for a balance of synchronous and asynchronous work with people operating from all over the world at any given time. We expect you to be a responsible adult who is driven and enjoys hitting (and exceeding) goals set for them. We commit to equipping you with the tools and resources you need to be successful along the way. It’s then your job to make it so.


  • We value a healthy work-life integration and want to proactively acknowledge that there will be last minute demands that will require your flexibility. We are, after all, still a very young company with some seriously big goals. We’ll do our best to keep reasonable boundaries and, when those inevitable moments of unexpected asks arrive, we promise to express gratitude and find balance in other ways.


  • We are committed to hiring a diverse team and building an inclusive, equitable culture. (Take a peek behind the curtain on our hiring process for the Operator in Residence Program to learn more about how we put these words into action.)

  • Please also:
    • have a genuine passion for problem-solving
    • be service-orientated and compassionate
    • possess excellent, inclusive communication skills
    • be aware that humility and confidence do not have to be mutually exclusive
    • choose to bring your unique perspective to conversations
    • know that your experience and worldview matter
    • don’t be an asshole


Role & Responsibilities:

Title: Finance & Compliance Manager

Reports To: Katelin Holloway, Founding Partner

  • Plan and track the management company’s budgets, cash, tokens, digital assets, and spending.


  • Plan and review all capital calls, distributions, management fee payments, and related LP/GP allocations.


  • Strategic planning: financial planning, fund modelling, portfolio tracking, line of credit usage.


  • Manage all fund operations and finance in coordination with our fund administrators, tax and audit teams, legal partners, etc.


  • Manage fund accounting, audits, regulatory filings, and taxes.


  • Lead the quarterly and annual valuation processes.


  • Assist the partnership with the portfolio review process and track portfolio company financial performance.


  • Prepare LP reporting, including quarterly valuations, letters, and support in creating LPAC presentations.


  • Support the internal semi-annual portfolio review process, analyzing and tracking partnership and portfolio company financial performance.


Qualifications & Skills:

  • Much as we hate to say it, we have a strong preference for candidates to have at least 3-5 years of in-firm VC or RIA experience. VC finance is not an area we plan on innovating on in the immediate future. We need someone who has deep experience in industry and is ready to hit the ground running.


  • As such, deep knowledge of VC fund accounting and finance including demonstrated knowledge of preparing financial statements and modeling is a must.


  • Experience in managing statutory compliance functions. Working knowledge of RIA compliance and strategy within a venture capital or private equity firm.


  • Ideal candidates would have some experience in fund administration, managing capital call workings, articulating distribution waterfalls, setting up SPVs, ability to model carried interest calculations, etc.


  • Superlative attention to detail.


  • Experience in scaling accounting processes, project management and solving for inefficiencies.


  • Outstanding communication, analytical and presentation skills


  • Discreet, professional and operates with a high degree if integrity


  • Openness to learn from diverse perspectives and collaborate on multidisciplinary teams.


  • You love startups and starting up. You are comfortable taking on new tasks or projects with little direction and adjusting course in response to feedback and information.


Compensation & Benefits

💸 This role will receive an annual salary of $145,000 with an annual bonus of up to 20% of the base salary, regardless of US location. The annual bonus is discretionary and based on firm performance, as well as individual performance. NOTE: This position will play a key role in helping us to define our compensation strategy, including salary & carried interest bands, with each new firm milestone. 

⚕100% paid employee and dependent healthcare premiums

🏠 Work from anywhere in the United States

💕 Generous & inclusive leave policies, including: 

    • Parental Leave & Bonding Time
    • Paid Family Leave
    • Short and Long-Term Disability
    • Extended Bereavement Leave
    • Fertility Leave
    • Miscarriage Leave
    • Menopause Leave
    • Domestic Abuse Leave
    • Military Partner Leave
    • Divorce or Separation Leave

🕓 Flexible work hours and non-accrual PTO

📱 Monthly cell phone and internet stipend

📚 Supportive culture designed to help you develop and grow

🎁 A host of unique perks and fringe benefits


Other Things of Note:

  • We welcome applications with a wide range of years experience, starting with a few years up to people with decades worth of experience looking to make a career shift. Years of experience (in or out of the industry), however, will not impact the compensation package. We do not negotiate compensation at this time.


  • This role is remote and US based. At this stage in our firm’s development compensation is not based on geographic location. This may change in the future.


  • We encourage anyone to apply that may be interested, even if you feel you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications above. We’d like to account for the fact that we may have overlooked, under-counted, or over-indexed on some of these requirements.



That’s it. We don’t care where you went to college—or even if you did. We don’t want your resume or a cover letter. It doesn’t matter who you know. We care about what you can do to help us achieve outsized returns and maintain our values along the way



Apply For This Role:

To submit an application for the position, please complete this TypeForm no later than January 23rd. Please note that we will close the application after 500 applications or January 23rd, whichever comes first.

About Us

Seven Seven Six is a thesis and stage agnostic (though early-stage focused), software-enabled venture capital firm focused on people, culture, and community. Founded by Alexis Ohanian in September 2020, he is joined by investing partner Katelin Holloway and Lissie Garvin, Chief of Staff. 

We are an equal opportunity employer that deeply values a diverse community — from our Limited Partners, to our firm, and our founder community. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, ability status, family or parental status, age, or anything else that makes you, well, you.

Seven Seven Six prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind. We are committed to providing employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. We translate this policy to all aspects of employment including recruitment, hiring, promotions, performance management, terminations, wage and salary administration, benefits, and training.

Seven Seven Six
Seven Seven Six is a venture capital firm that primarily seeks to invest in seed rounds.
Size:  1-10 employees
Year Founded:  2020
Sahil Bloom's Notes
Sahil Bloom
Curator of Sahil's Job Board
Seven Seven Six is venture fund that is simply built different. Led by Alexis Ohanian and Katelin Holloway, the team is incredible. I am a HUGE fan.
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