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💼 Full time // 🌍 Manhattan or Beverly Hills // 👩‍💻 10 Teammates


Launch House is a new kind of community for top founders and creators. We're a cross between SoHo House, Y Combinator, and WeWork - focused on bringing together high quality people and accelerating their careers through authentic connections.

We're looking for an entrepreneurially-minded Community Manager to lead events, office management and hospitality for our Founder Residency program either in Chelsea, Manhattan or Beverly Hills, Los Angeles plus member experience for the greater NYC/LA Launch House community.

The Role

You will:

  • Manage the day-to-day operations and strategy of Launch House Manhattan or Beverly Hills - this includes the physical house, Residency program, events, and NYC/LA member experience.

  • Plan and execute weekly events for the current Launch House cohort, the Launch House member community and the broader NYC/LA tech and creator communities.
  • Work with team and other partners to plan and execute larger-scale events with high-profile guests at Launch House and off site.
  • Communicate with the current cohort and NYC/LA Launch House community via Slack, Discord, email and text.
  • Leverage our product and remote operations teams to ensure a seamless experience - utilize URL to improve IRL.
  • Coordinate with the landlord, cleaners, repairmen, and other service workers to ensure the property is clean, safe, and comfortable.
  • Propose and implement improvements to the physical house (e.g. interior design), Residency program, and IRL member experience.
  • Create content for Instagram. Keep folks up to date on what's happening at Launch House by posting stories and posts regularly. If interested, we also encourage using Twitter.
  • Ultimately, ensure members have a high quality experience, unlike any other community they've ever been part of before. Member experience must be 10000%.

You are a good fit if you:

  • Have 3+ years experience in coworking space / office management, events, and/or hospitality
  • Communicate well - strong written and verbal is a must
  • Deeply empathize - you love people and people pleasing
  • Are detail-oriented - you're known to think through every possible scenario
  • Are highly organized - you can juggle a lot of different things and manage your time well
  • Are comfortable with ambiguity - startups are unpredictable so you must be flexible

You are a great fit if you:

  • Have experience with photography/videography and social media (Instagram, TikTok) - we produce content at the house and may need your help
  • Are future-oriented - if you're excited about crypto, the metaverse, and anything else like that, you're our vibe.
  • Have worked with entrepreneurs and influencers (or are one yourself) - that's what our community is made of after all!

👉 Email to apply.

What is Launch House?

Launch House is a community built to connect and support the world’s most ambitious founders and creators. Through multidimensional physical and virtual community spaces, Launch House is a literal and metaphorical Creator House where collaboration and learning takes place. Modeled after the experience at an elite university, Launch House is an ivy-league institution built for the internet age.

Selection for the community is through a competitive process, with about 20 members selected per monthly community program cohort. Launch House currently has locations in Los Angeles, New York City, and soon online.

We, Jacob Peters (Ex. Commsor Cofounder), Michael Houck (Ex. Uber and AirBnB), and Brett Goldstein (Ex. Google M&A) launched Launch House in 2020 in response to the isolation felt during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are funded by a growing list of incredible community-minded investors like Flybridge Capital and Balaji Srinivasan.

Our Values

As a values-driven community, it's important for us to practice what we preach.

❤️ Community First

This is our most important value. Everything we do, we do through the lens of what would most positively impact our community.


🥰 Lead with Empathy

We listen first, ask questions, and always seek to understand the other side.

👍 Trust by Default

We assume good intent always. Trust breeds autonomy, agency, ownership, fulfillment and ultimately success.

🏆 Be the Best

We should feel like we're doing our best work (and/or the most work) of our lives.

🌍 Everyone Belongs

We are focused on creating a strong, diverse team of equal partners where everyone who joins can feel ownership and safety –– like they've never been more at home.


🚀 Always Be Launching

Launch House started as a viral Twitter moment. We look for people who put their ideas out into the world rather than sitting on them until they're perfect.

🙌 Lift Each Other Up

We celebrates wins, launches, and even Tweet thread posts. We aim to be there for each other for every milestone in our personal and career journeys for the rest of our lives.

🕳️ Go Deep

There are no superficial relationships here. We are building lifelong bonds and bring our whole, authentic selves every single day.

We're also big believers in becoming a platform company as a way build industry recognition and elevate our team members. If you are open to it, we will help make you a thought leader in whatever niche you desire.

Working at Launch House

We are a team of 10 and are committed to building a robust remote-friendly, diverse and inclusive workplace.

We use Slack, Discord, Notion, and Airtable to keep us moving fast and stay organized, and have two weekly all-hands meetings: a Monday Kickoff and a casual Friday team chat that we call Tea Time 🍵.

Here's a video of what life is like at Launch House LA.

There are a lot of things to like about working at Launch House, here are a few:

  • Serve some of the most incredible founders, influencers and investors every day
  • Ground-floor opportunity - have a huge impact, ride the wave
  • Stay in a Launch House location (currently LA and NYC) whenever you like
  • Delicious food at Launch House (for locations that provide it)
  • Infinite vacation so you can take a breather when you need to

👉 Email to apply.

Launch House
Launch House is a community built to connect and support the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs and creators.
Size:  1-10 employees
Funding Level:  Early-stage Startup
Total Amount Raised:  $3.0 M
Year Founded:  2020
Day One Ventures
Graph Ventures
Balaji Srinivasan
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