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Posted 2 years ago
What makes this company unique and exciting?
We're creating the future of social clubs and democratizing access to funding to launching physical communities through Membership NFTs.

Maxwell Social’s goal is to build 2nd homes, not 3rd spaces, by popularizing the Basque tradition of the Txoko – Spanish eating clubs, intimate member owned and operated spaces where you are the bartender for your group of friends, you can cook in the kitchen and you have your own liquor locker.

Maxwell empowers new Txoko-preneurs to start new social spaces by enabling them to sell Maxwell Membership NFTs in advance to raise non-dilutive capital.

Our CTO will lead the creation of this unique type of NFT, the M-NFT that builds in curation mechanisms and restrictions on sale and resale that are necessary to curate a real IRL community.

Current Maxwell spaces in the works include our own marquee location in Tribeca and Streethouse – a soccer social club in Brooklyn.

Recent press coverage here:

Applicants should be able to lead a tech strategy at an early stage startup, top to bottom.


Ethereum/Solidity, Polygon experience.


React, webpack, jest

Good CSS/HTML/layout skills 1+ years of experience in front-end or fullstack development


Node.js, express.js/hapi, GraphQL is a plus

1+ years of experience in backend of fullstack development


Linux, Docker, kubernetes, AWS

Understanding of CI/CD pipelines

At least some experience in deploying production web services


React Native

Basic knowledge about native ios/android apps development 1+ years of experience in mobile app development 5+ years of overall development experience.

The ideal candidate should have experience with all listed technologies and during his or her developer career made at least one production (with real users/customers, published in the market) mobile app and at least 1 fullstack production (with real users/customers) web application, from start to finish.

Maxwell Social
NFT Backed IRL Social Clubs
Size:  1-10 employees
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